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​​Nara is the treasure house of traditional Japanese culture. This site is for travelers  expecting hidden gem cultural experiences. 

Nara Itinerary and Hidden Gem Cultural Experiences    

Recommended for family w/children!

For viewing some of the info, we implore your signing up with your mail address for enabling us to protect our  experiences as "Hidden Gems"  of the region.  Thank you for your understandings.

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Here's the best shortcut but scenic course from deerpark & Naramachi through middle Nara, leading to Koyasan. Surely more fun than going via Osaka downtown!


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Find here the best cultural learning and entertainment program for your company's retreat and team building travel.
We will help you plan to maximize your stay, experience, and meeting efficiency.


Trip around Nara, and enjoy the breathtaking scenery and attractions!"


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Our Shinto wedding and photo service is supported by NPO sustaining imperial court dressing protocols using only the real  quality costumes,which you cannot normally expect from usual wedding service industry.


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Avoid tourists crowd,cheap and too simple tea ceremony or meditation attractions not helping you understand the real Japanese mentality or way of achieving mindfulness. We can propose you a best experience package for these, and welcome private entries.


Recommended for family w/children!

Many of our airbnb hosts' attractions are very easy and good for children!

You'll find out the laugh and gestures beyond language are actually very educational for children!


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