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Find here once-in-life local experiences that your countries' travel agencies will never want to include in their tour packages.
Your opportunities to encounter the real life of Japanese people should not be replaced by touristy and crowded destination visits. 

Feel free to contact us for your understanding the difference between the travel agents' standard Japan tours and our unique local experiences.

Directly book your local optional tours from Kyoto and Osaka with us!

We realized it is very difficult to rely on travel agents to promote our plans, as they tend to be only cost-oriented,or sticking only to major touristy sites. Let us establish a direct conversation, and we will make our hidden contents visible to you and you will only have to pay for the real value of our contents.

We are Native Japanese who can tell the real local stories!

If you really hope to make your travel more real to know/experience Japanese people's life and mentality, choose a native planner and a native story-telling guide. We are native Japanese living in the heart of Nara with a marketing knowledge of welcoming overseas guests.

Nara Itinerary and Hidden Gem Experiences    

Recommended for family w/children!

For viewing some of the info, we implore your signing up with your mail address for enabling us to protect our  experiences as "Hidden Gems"  of the region.  Thank you for your understandings.

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Here's the best shortcut but scenic course from deerpark & Naramachi through middle Nara, leading to Koyasan. Surely more fun than going via Osaka downtown!


Please register your E-mail to see details.


Find here the best cultural learning and entertainment program for your company's retreat and team building travel.
We will help you plan to maximize your stay, experience, and meeting efficiency.


Trip around Nara, and enjoy the breathtaking scenery and attractions!"


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We have planned food and culture optional tours around Nara collaborating with Association of Nara's tasty foods(Nara-no-Umaimono-Kai) . They are all rare expriences as many food producers, chefs, farms,etc. are jointly participating. 


We will organize any mindfulness activities to focus on their real purposes in an easy-to-understand way for beginners

Please register your E-mail to see details.


Recommended for family w/children!

Our guests say the laugh and gestures beyond language are actually very educational for children!
Also, find Nara's ethnic music sounds of the local artists at bandsintown!


Visit our Youtube Channel to get an update of Japan and Nara Travel!

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