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Farm to table food tours
(basically for groups of 10 and more) 

The followings are the example contents as parts of your travel.


Nara's F2T Kamameshi (mixed rice) 


Demonstration of Sumo rituals


Trad. soy sauce making experience


Tea ceremony hosted by owner monk of the cultural heritage tea room 


Learn stories about mochi over pounding traials


Exclusive dinner plan at a historical heritage w/music and illumination

We produce our own farm to table tours that should exceed your expectations by series of elaborate planning steps as follows:

  • We collaborated with food creators, producers, chefs,and etc. of Association of Nara's tasty foods(Nara-no-Umaimono-Kai) and conducted marketing analysis and story-building workshops.

  • We reviewed traditions, life style, and foods of old days of each area of Nara, and weaved them into a story that will keep you excited throughout the tour.

  • All the attractions and dishes are basically reviewed, selected, and if needed arranged taking in to account your interest/eating culture for minimizing your worries of experiencing Japanese unkown culture . 

  • Our guide is completely different from other generic interpretors. Generic interpretors only directly translate what the hosts speak on the day. Our guides participates in preparatory story-building discussions beforehand with all the hosts and they are committed to quality exciting story-telling throughout your tour.

Contact us from the following form for starting from the greeting with us. We can also hold a zoom meeting with you to do our best to clarify your uncertainty to make our plans fit to your itineray and budget.

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