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Corporate Retreat in Nara!

  • We can help design your activities e.g. so that your members enhance communication  /ice breaking.

  • If your group consists of project members, we can provide facilitation framework to enhance discussion overcoming sectionalism.

  • We can propose you a well-organized set of schedule during one day or two days in Nara.
    - Example -

    • Nice location meeting room reservation (less expensive than renting room in hotels) near Nara park.

    • Japanese culture learning with local practitioners/hosts( wagashi sweet making, meditation, tea ceremony, etc. )

    • Our guiding to town watching is not an ordinary history information, but has Japanese cultural/personality perspective.

    • We can also arrange a Japanese style dinner in a private room only for your group.

    • If needed, we could arrange a subject-matter expert or lecturer to be a part of your program.  

Before fixing your accommodation, please consult us first to make most memorable&enjoyable retreat schedule&program minimizing unnecessary logistics!

Our suggestion may include 

P6020301 (1).jpg
P6020265 (1).jpg

Wagashi Sweets making and Tea ceremony experience with the sweets of your own making, at old historic townhouse or at a temple. 


Try meditation and following some temple life protocols to experience the origin of Japanese mentality

P_20181118_122649_vHDR_On (1).jpg
kaede_ensekimin.JPG (1).jpg

As an entertainment during Kaiseki dinner, we can propose local fresh sake tasting with bottles of more than 22 different brands from throughout Nara.  

Contact us for detailed program management and quotation.

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