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Nara itinerary





​From Osaka


​Kintetsu  or
JR line

​From Kyoto


​Kintetsu  or
JR line

<Nara Day1>

Arrive Nara, take accommodation within walking distance from Nara deer park.

<Nara Day2>

Buy your bento, and enjoy early morning breakfast at calm less crowded Deerpark . See Great Buddha, Okumura memorial museum in AM. Try Kakinoha-sushi/Teori-sushi for lunch. Walk down to Naramachi for promenade or attend cultural experience classes. Enjoy your dinner menu using local certified "Yamato pork" or "Yamato Wagyu beef".  Close your day at "Bluenote Naramachi " with comfortable sounds and drinks!

<Nara Day3>

Depart from JR Nara or JR Kyobate to Sakurai,Hasedera, Asuka, Tsubosakayama(Takatori). Enjoy middle Nara scenic beauties, historical and cultural trip

<Back on the right track to Koya-san>

Take Kintetsu Line from Asuka or Tsubosakayama to Yoshinoguchi, and change to JR Line to arrive at Hashimoto Station. Then you can change to Nankai Line climbing up to "Gokurakubashi" Station. 

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